Blo Out Lounge ~ A Modern Day Blow Out for The Modern Day Girl

Every LAgirl must have a really good blow out in her arsenal of tricks for feeling and looking good. Thankfully, there are entrepenurers who have had the good sense to put fun and a little dose of glamour in the blow dry experience. Sure, you can still randomly walk into any hair place and take your chances that you will not come out looking like a helmut of hair spray has grown on your head. But it is always a little chancy that you will not like the results. Enter The Blo Out Lounge in Pasadena, where you are surrounded by a chic set up that would do SJP and the girls proud! If you don’t care for fuscia, pink or variations on that shade it might not be for you. But where else can a girl be assured that Dirty Dancing is always on the flat screen in front of her and she has a place to hang her purse, while getting a great blow out from a capable stlylist? Tired of DirtyDancing ( what?) then surely there will be a movie with SJP or Julia Roberts on anther screen for you. It is hard not to enjoy the setting. It looks like a girly bar complete with large glass jars that instead of liquor hold all manner of shampoos, sprays and potions. Another great touch? the Blow Dryers dangle from the ceiling waiting to be pulled down and called into service while you relax with your movie and drink ( showing great restraint I declined the offered glass of wine, as it was 2 in the afternoon) You start your fun in the Lather Lounge where my stylist ( Cynthia) gave me a wonderful scalp massage during my hair wash. She then showed me the make up bar where they offer Glam Services such as: Just A Touchup– refresh your make up- powder/blush/lashes & lips for 10$ ( Hello, Yes!) or Glam Girl- Full face make up for 35$ That I will be trying out before my next event. For little glamour girls they have girl glam parties that can have add ons such as cupcakes, swag bags & face painting w/glitter ( little lagirl would have loved it) Of course they have ideas to make Big girls happy too, check out the V.I.Blo Membership: 6 Blo’s or Make -up services for 99$ Hello! Grown up Lagirl will be all over that! So go now, grab a big girl or a little girl and have fun.   Next week look for my review of Blow Dry Bar in Studio City.

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