Broome Street General Store ~ A New Fashioned General Store In Silver Lake

Silver Lake is a sweet spot! it has always been a great neighborhood and it just keeps getting better. Rowena Ave. formerly a street lined with very little of note, now has an abundance of riches: Blair’s restaurant, fabulous food in a neighborly setting, Raven, a cool yoga studio with spa and now joining the line up is Broome Street General Store. Broome St. is tailor made for the eclectic denizens of the East Side. To begin with the building is chock a bloc with charm both inside and out. ¬†Outside you have a bungalow with a front patio that affords lots of casual seating and inside you have a stylish take on an old fashioned General Store. I love the care that has been taken to stock the shelves with modern day apothecary must haves: they have a personal favorite of mine, Josie Maran Argan Oil, which every LAgirl should have! They have thoughtfully included items for men, we all know they are bit difficult to shop for, but Broome St. has thoughtfully tackled this and has cool shaving items, etc. There really is a lot to look at and eat. They bring in delicious sandwiches and salads from Cube, Cake Monkey desserts, and chocolate and baked goods from Valerie Chocolates. You can tell a lot of care has gone into everything on their shelves. You will enjoy looking at the Olive Oil they bring from San Francisco, potato chips from Brooklyn, all manner of sauces. Since it truly does capture the spirit of a General Store ( albeit a very hip one) they even have Keds! yes, really, in several colors as well as nifty french fisherman shirts, great jewelry, pickles… I could go on, but why not go now and check it out!


Broom St. Must Haves: On Fridays you can get Cube’s Fried Chicken! call if you want to reserve it, Valerie Chocolates, a sandwich from Cube, ¬†Josie Maran Argan oil, did I mention the earrings?

2912 Rowena Ave. Silver Lake Ca.323-570-0405

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