Dining Dispatch ~ The Market on Holly

I have always loved Holly Street, tucked away a few blocks from the ubiquity of Old Town, it presents a quieter slice of Pasadena life. It’s the home of the delicious Violet’s Cupcakes and small shops worth a look into, but now it has a true anchor, the delightful Market on Holly. Modeling itself on Joan’s on Third, it provides just what the neighborhood needed. A welcoming spot for a cup of coffee, a delicious baked good, a salad and a community table to settle in with your friends, or solo, while you enjoy it all. Like Joan’s on Third there is a section for sweets and a bigger area where savory items are displayed and ordered, either to take home, or enjoy on the spot. There are shelves with well curated condiments and gourmet to-go items like soup and pasta. It may take you awhile to peruse everything on hand, but it will be well worth it. Fortuitously, the Market opens into the charming Maude Woods boutique, so while your perfect hostess gift is being wrapped up, you need only to stroll into The Market and grab a bite. The most unique feature in the space is the large mural overlooking the proceedings, done by noted LA artist Alisa Garrett in the fresco style of Diego Rivera. It was commissioned for the the Market and it’s a lovely piece that suggests you are in the midst of a bustling market place, where you should definitely take a seat and enjoy the proceedings!


Holly Market Must Haves: The chocolate cake, rice crispy treats, caramel pudding w/sea salt, lime cilantro salad.


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